What are the developments that make ILHWA GinST 15 so special?

ILHWA created a research center in 1981 to allow science to guide their product development. Based on findings from decades of research, ILHWA scientists developed the world’s most efficacious * ginseng extract.
(*Efficacious means the ability of a drug or intervention to produce the desired effect).

ILHWA used feedback from customers, doctors and their patients to develop the best product possible.

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Land Of Morning Calm.
A Place Of Unbelievable Natural Beauty,
High Mountains, Clear Waters……

......And Tranquility.


The Korean peninsula is long and narrow, subject to ocean winds. These geographical factors—along with its four distinct seasons and very specific soil conditions—make South Korea the location for the world’s finest ginseng production.

Civilization has existed along the Korean peninsula for more than 3,000 years. Here the use of ancient remedies, tonics and medicines regarded down the centuries as fundamental to optimum health and well being, has withstood the passage of time. Today South Korea is a vibrant place, full of industry, agriculture and energy. Knowledge of the miraculous properties and health benefits of ginseng is handed down from generation to generation and across the region. Over the past several centuries, word about the quality and health enhancing properties of Korean ginseng trickled crossed the globe, but……KoreanGardenPath03B

While ALL high quality ginsengs root extracts are beneficial to health, not all ginsengs are the same.

How special would it be if today’s scientific research and technology took this miraculous herb and developed it in the laboratory, made amazing discoveries, and brought Korean ginseng into the 21st Century?

GinsengRoot02ILHWA, the world leader in ginseng science is excited to announce that after years of research 21st Century Ginseng HAS ARRIVED! ……….ILHWA GinST 15 has swept through the East and is ready to make its debut in the West! 

Science 16Ginsenoside Balance: Growth and Harvest of Ginseng Roots

The miraculous effect that Korean Ginseng has on overall health and bringing the body into balance comes from a broad range of ginsenosides found in abundance in ginseng. 

Granpa Photo

Why Korean Ginseng is Better 

Korean Ginseng, also known as Panax, is the most common type of ginseng used. Korean Ginseng contains a greater diversity of medicinal qualities than other ginsengs. The health promoting ingredients of ginseng are remarkably higher in Korean Ginseng in comparison to other varieties.